Release day!

Rezzzy 335 Rezzzy on 02nd June, 2020
Riot have officially launched VALORANT as of today. Did you enjoy the beta?

VALORANT Release Image
I had a lot of fun, it definitely has felt like a breath of fresh air and brought a competitive nature back amongst everyone again - something we haven't done as group of friends for a long time!

As part of the launch, we welcome a new agent - Reyna!

I feel her Dismiss ability might be slightly OP at the current time, however with Riots current track record with Agent balancing I have no doubt they will adjust this.

However, I'm yet to jump into a full game and play against or with her yet. Time will tell :)

Hope you lot enjoy the full release and it's promising future.

Let us know how you get on today!
miTT 95 miTT 9 months ago
Excited is an understatement!!! Loving the new gamemode and the new champ...
Rezzzy 335 Rezzzy 9 months ago
Definitely enjoyed the new game mode (Spike Rush)! I think we all established it might change the way you approach the standard game mode (unranked or ranked) so don't want to get into the habit of playing it too much, but it's a lot of fun for sure.

Just over 1k xp for me to unlock a free agent, debating just unlocking Viper now since I have the most experience with her - however Phoenix was a lot of fun last night since I haven't played with him much before.

It's amazing to see how polished a game was during its beta.

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