Isolation days

Tom 155 Tom on 29th March, 2020
Hi All,

Hope you're all well and healthy!

It will be good to keep a thread going on how we are all doing, what we're feeling and any plans people have over the weeks of isolation.

I will be working from home for the next few weeks until we are allowed back in the office so will be making use of my new office!

Maybe we can all have daily check ins to make sure we are all OK!
Rezzzy 340 Rezzzy 1 year ago
Getting lots of gaming in! Been smashing out Warzone and dabbling in some COD4 still :)
miTT 95 miTT 1 year ago
Fingers crossed I'll be building a new rig! Any suggestions would be grateful :)
Tom 155 Tom 1 year ago
I personally can't wait to have you back on the PC Tim will be like old times.
Tom 155 Tom 1 year ago
How is everyone doing? Everyone healthy how are the vibes feeling?
Rezzzy 340 Rezzzy 1 year ago
Been on the computer a lot, also trying to save our front turf - it's looking a lot healthier now it's getting plenty of water!
miTT 95 miTT 1 year ago
Valorant is occupying most of my time at the moment :D Looking at getting back into graphic design bits again.....
Rezzzy 340 Rezzzy 1 year ago
Oh nice Tim! We might need a thread in General for people to share their creative bits :)
Tom 155 Tom 11 months ago
How is everyone getting on?

I haven't had a haircut in 3 months (don't worry booked in 15th July)
I am not gaming as much.
I have been working hard.
I need a drink.
Rezzzy 340 Rezzzy 10 months ago
Wasn't subscribed to the thread so didn't see your reply Wig!

Have been doing the same recently, was nice to finally get a trim though!

Been working on more freelance work and gaming a lot less, just playing a bit of OSRS when I fancy really. Nice to enjoy the weather at the moment but definitely struggling without aircon as I'm so used to in the office.

Hope everyones not struggling too much with the heat!

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