Rezzzy 330 Rezzzy on 18th May, 2018
Leave any feedback here please 🙂
Tom 125 Tom 2 years ago
Its a bit shit mate? :)
Rezzzy 330 Rezzzy 2 years ago
You can now see that a thread is locked or stickied 🔒

Also you can edit your replies and threads!
Rezzzy 330 Rezzzy 2 years ago
You can now subscribe to threads to receive notifications on new replies 🎉
steviek99 5 steviek99 2 years ago
Rezzzy 330 Rezzzy 2 years ago
Nice to see you here Stevie! :)
Rezzzy 330 Rezzzy 3 months ago
New forum scoreboard added! You may notice your score increase as you create new threads and reply to any existing ones :)
Tom 125 Tom 3 months ago
I'll come up with a good feature list which I think will improve the forums :) - but linking these in with games we play some how might be cool like the MC server.
Rezzzy 330 Rezzzy 2 months ago
Just added the ability to update your profile details, you can check them out here!

No public profiles, just yet :)
Tom 125 Tom 2 months ago
Feature list:-

- Public profiles (already in the plan)
- Currency system - so when we post like we get points but we can buy badges for our profiles maybe?
- Post/Thread count
- Remove servers page (for now) or add the IP address to our MC server and a little note telling people to register to get whitelisted. (have we tested the whitelist if not lets get this tested this weekend)
- With gravatar can we change the default if someone doesn't have it set? The default sucks ass could be our headless logo like in discord?

Will keep coming up (feel free to tell me if these are shit ideas) and hopefully soon I will be able to start developing some myself.
Tom 125 Tom 2 months ago
Also discord widget could be added to the sitebar??? I can get the iFrame code
Rezzzy 330 Rezzzy 2 months ago
Cheers Wig! I should be done with the site I'm working on right by now Monday, so I'll take a look at some of these then.

Discord one will be nice and easy, might have to change the colour of the leaderboard and score stuff so that it isn't the same colour as what I assume the discord stuff might look like.

Will see on Monday :)
Rezzzy 330 Rezzzy 2 months ago
Paginating replies too is something I want to add to the list.

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