The game is pretty dead

zI zI on 20th May, 2018
Who agrees? Will Major update 2 bring anything to the table?
Rezzzy Rezzzy 1 year ago
I hope so, I've enjoyed what I've played of it so far but they have taken their time to get a lot of recent improvements into the game. People have already forgot it and moved in - I don't think they'll be back either.

Numbers keep dropping too - will have to keep an eye out when the major starts.
Fuzzynuts Fuzzynuts 1 year ago
I think the Alpha / early access has put a lot of people off, but unfortunately it was needed as the studio needed the money.

Hopefully when the most recent changes are brought in, people will come back and the upcoming 50K tournament will hopefully get people to come back
Rezzzy Rezzzy 1 year ago
As soon as these recent improvements are introduced, I'll be playing a lot more for sure. That tournament is definitely interesting too - would love to even consider going!
Rezzzy Rezzzy 10 months ago
Been playing a little of the MU2 recently, it plays so good at the moment. Their player count doubled for about a week after the update then has gone back down again, hope they continue to keep pushing out updates quicker than they have been.

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